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    • Diet and Nutrition
      Here Diet can mean an eating methodology or simply the solids and liquids one consumes to provide energy and nutrients to their body. The goal of a balanced diet is to consume an appropriate amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. Food can be divided into food groups according to its calorie and nutrient content. However, not all food is created equally, and organic means different things to different individuals. This is the place to share your experiences and ask your questions to a group of like-minded individuals.
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    • Health Care and Wellness

      Most of us would agree that when it comes to acute care, broken bones, surgeries, heart attacks, etcetera you cannot beat Western medicine. However, if Western medicine satisfied all our health care needs, we wouldn’t be searching the internet for help. Western medicine is much like my truck, the best choice for what it does “Acute Care”.

      Often, complementary medicine provides better chronic issue solutions without the side effects of the medication prescribed via western medicine. Acupuncture for example is often viewed as a superior treatment to pain medications for chronic pain management. Tradition Chinese medical and ayurvedic herbs are often used to treat many of the same complaints patients have had for years that there simply is no good medication for. Furthermore, many patients prefer the all-natural approach offered by herbal healing. As you can see, complementary medicine is much like the minivan better for a lot of things just not hailing heavy or bulky loads.

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      Parker Artist